For The Best In Wireless Connectivity And Barcode Scanning, Black Copper Wireless Scanners combine the power of Bluetooth® with years of innovation. The Industry Leader In Automated Data Capturing Devices. They can be used for Multiple applications, such as Point-of-sale (POS), Warehouse inventory, and Healthcare scanning.

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Wireless Barcode Scanners With Lack Of Copper Allow Mobile Employees To Scan Barcodes Efficiently And Effectively In Challenging Environments
Industry-Ready Cordless Barcode Scanners Are Manufactured By Black Copper, From Light-Duty High-Throughput Devices To Heavy-Duty Industrial Scanners That Can Handle Extreme Conditions.

Protected from shock
Scanning Barcodes Effortlessly And Effectively
Take advantage of Bluetooth® technology
Devices that capture data automatically
Applications Of Different Types
Point-of-sale (POS), warehouse inventory, and medical scanning
30 meter wireless range
Scanners that scan barcodes wirelessly

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